Breedable ~ Gaming ~ Role Play… Together in a whole new way!

About Us

The team at BattleBeast Breedables together bring years of professional experience in art and 3D design, programming and scripting, business management and marketing. We have owned many SL breedables, and understand the fun in breeding, the satisfaction in a solid secondary market and the need for something new to be added to the world of Breedables. We have worked very hard to create a new game in SL, with an emphasis on fun and long-term value.  We look forward to sharing with you a fun, entertaining and rewarding BattleBeast experience.

Take a look at the Dragon Handbook to learn more about our BattleBeasts.

The BattleBeast Team:

Programming and Development: BattleBeast Resident
Project Development & CSR Supervisor: Wynter Sommer
Art and 3D Design: Eleanora Newell
Support team: avalon Raymaker